interior converted school bus

A list of our must-have items for a school bus conversion

We often get asked what products we used to complete our school bus conversion. Below are a list of our favorite items we used during our build!

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bed with beige beddy's bedding

We are in love with Beddy’s bedding! Honestly I couldn’t imagine being in bus or RV without it. The sides zip up like a sleeping bag and the minky lining is so soft and cozy!

beige 12 volt heated blanket

This 12 volt heated blanket is great for cold nights! It is so soft and can even be machine washed! It can run off either a battery pack (purchased separately) or your 12 volt system, which is a great option to conserve power!

white blinds

These blinds come in a whole bunch of different sizes, which is perfect to customize your build!

small insignia tv

This little tv is a perfect size to hang in our bedroom! Although we don’t watch often, it is perfect for those rainy evenings we are stuck inside!

black, ultra flush tv mount

This ultra flush tv mounting bracket is perfect so we keep as much space as possible in our bedroom!

black amazon firestick

Can’t forget a Firestick to stream all our favorite shows!

USB slim plug adapter

This USB adapter is perfect for plugging in the Firestick behind the tv and staying low profile!

Living Room

beige outdoor couch cushion

We love our cushions! We ordered two different sizes of these, one for the back and one for the seat! They very comfortable, and so easy to clean! Just remove the cover and throw them in the wash!

off white textured ottoman

This ottoman is perfect for resting your feet, or for an extra seat!

white blackout curtains

These curtains are on all the windows of our bus! They come in a whole bunch of different sizes, and wash really well!

white full length black out curtains

We use this curtain for our bus door! It also washes very well!

beige woven magnetic curtain tiebacks

These curtain tiebacks work awesome when we are on the road or need to let a little sunlight in our bus!

black magnetic fly screen for door

This is a super high quality magnetic screen! It fits the door nearly perfect and does an excellent job keeping the bugs out!


mint mini fridge with freezer

We get asked about our fridge all the time! We love that it has a separate fridge and freezer. It has relatively low energy consumption, and it holds a surprising amount of food! It also fits right under the countertop!

black kitchen faucet

We have actually purchased this faucet for our stationary home as well! We have had no complaints, and you can’t beat the price! It swivels and the sprayer also detaches, which is perfect for those sink shower days!

white cabinet

Another item we also get asked about all the time is our kitchen cabinets. Our cabinets, sink, counter, and storage bins in our kitchen are all from Ikea. We honestly couldn’t be happier with how they have been holding up over the last year!

modern black cabinet pull

Cabinet pulls.

white peel and stick subway tile with grey grout

This peel and stick backsplash is super quick and easy to install!

rechargeable water dispenser

If I could only recommend one thing, this would probably be it! A literal life-saver for fresh water on the road!

70 pound magnets for cabinet

These magnets work perfect for keeping cabinet doors closed while on the road!

portable blackstone griddle with lid

We LOVE our Blackstone! We use it for nearly all of our cooking!

griddle flipper with wooden handle

Inexpensive flipper for our Blackstone.


red and black 12 volt wire

Wire for 12 volt power.

multicolored 12 volt wire connectors

Wire connectors for 12 volt connections.

black LED exterior light bars

Our exterior lights.

black circular puck light

Puck lights for our stairs.

12 volt white recessed puck lights

Recessed puck lights for our ceiling.

120 volt wire roll

Wire for 120 volt power.

15 AMP outlet.

white mount speaker

Speakers in our ceiling.

white mount speakers

Speakers in the rear of our bus.

black with blue light toggle switches

12 volt switch panel.

12 volt switch panel.

black with blue lights switch and charge panel

12 volt switch and charge panel next to our couch.

Dimmer knob for lights.

white 12 volt charger

12 volt charger in our bedroom.

silver 12 volt fan

Super high powered 12 volt fans. We have two of them in our bedroom and they do an excellent job keeping us cool!

black 20 AMP power inlet

30 AMP power inlet in case we hook up to shore power.

30 AMP cable (10/3).

30 AMP male plug (we use this as a transfer switch).

30 AMP female plug for transfer switch (QTY 2).

white maxxair fan

MaxxAir ventilation fan.

black outdoor outlet with cover

Outdoor outlet.

12 volt system master switch.

Another 12 volt master switch option.

Battery isolator to charge battery bank off vehicle alternator (handy for not-so-sunny days!)

Fuses… fuses everywhere!

Spare fuses.

Battery cable terminals.

12 volt positive bus bar.

12 volt negative bus bar.

12 volt fuse block.

Battery tender to charge batteries while plugged into shore power.

Resettable circuit breaker.

3000 watt pure sine power inverter from 12 volt to 120 volt.


black locking fresh water gravity inlet

Locking fresh water gravity inlet.

black outdoor shower in case

Outdoor shower.

black 12 volt water pump

12 volt water pump.

Accumulator pump.

Under sink grey tank.

Pex fittings.

Pex shut off valve.

Pex pinch clamps.

Pex cold water.

Pex hot water.

Pex line securers.

Pex crimping and cutting tools.

Our fresh water tank (40 gallons).


black and silver renogy 200 watt solar panel

Renogy 200 watt solar panel. We have 2 panels on our bus and have had no issues keeping our appliances and devices up and running!

30 AMP charge controller.

Cable gland kit for solar wire passage through roof.

Branch connectors to connect multiple solar panels.

Solar adaptor wire connection cables.


red hole saw set in case

Hole saw set.

black and yellow dewalt starter set

Dewalt starter kit with all the handheld essentials needed for a school bus conversion.

black and yellow dewalt miter saw

Dewalt miter saw.

Battery operated Dewalt chainsaw… a must have by Bryant!

If your bus has rivets, this air hammer is a must!

Finishing nailer for trim and shiplap walls.

Air compressor.

We always carry this tool set on the road with us!


Thankfully we’ve only had to use this a handful of times, but definitely a must have for safe travels!

Perfect for picking up all that pet hair that seems to get everywhere!

Carbon monoxide and propane gas detector.

Combination battery operated carbon monoxide and smoke detector.

Vent cover to vent electrical compartment.

We put this in our stairwell and over our wheel wells to keep the road noise to a minimum!

Backup camera.

Class 5 tow hitch (look up your make and model!)

Trailer electrical outlet.

Harness to connect trailer outlet to bus electrical.

Diode to direct electricity one way. Used for hooking up the trailer lights.

Cargo basket (largest one we could find!). We also put our scooter on this.

Tire pressure gauge.

12 volt compressor and tank.

Air compressor kit.

These camping chairs are super sturdy and comfortable. Plus they come in a whole bunch of fun colors!

Lets be honest, you can never have too much storage!

A must-have for removing all those stubborn decals!

Perfect to fit your larger water bottles or coffee mugs!

We attach these to the overhang of our roof deck! Super fun and comfy!

No spill dog bowl is perfect for being on the road!

Seriously a LIFESAVER for dirty, muddy paws! Just fill with water and place in your dog’s paw! It works amazing!

Our favorite travel book! It is full of state and national parks to visit!

My favorite hydration pack for hiking! Comfortable and easy to clean!

Our favorite cooler backpack for longer hikes!

This little stickers really help keep those pesky bugs at bay! All natural and DEET free, they are a favorite of ours!

We covered our stairs in turf and it works perfect! Easily removable to shake out the dirt!

A must for sealing off around any holes you cut in your bus!

The best waterproof sealant!

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