About Us

Hi there. We’re glad you’re here.

Let us introduce ourselves. Buffalo, NY born and raised, we are Bryant, Jennifer, and Boone. Married just shy of three years, a sense of adventure, spontaneity, and a good old fashioned DIY project continuously calls to us. Our grand plan was to adventure the world while we were still young. Then 2020 happened, and put an end to our much anticipated Euro trip. Not willing to give up our longing for new people, sights, and cultures, we decided to base our next adventures in our own beautiful country- a place that we had yet explored.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado; September 2021.

Meet Bryant

Bryant is a social, fun-loving guy who loves the outdoors. As a mechanical engineer full time, he enjoys spending his free time cutting firewood, snowmobiling, boating, and of course creating DIY projects and building skoolies. One of his favorite phrases to his wife is “You dream it, I build it”.

Meet Jennifer

Although more of an introvert than Bryant, Jennifer equally enjoys time spent in the outdoors. A little sunshine, a spontaneous adventure, or an afternoon relaxing on the boat with her husband and dog makes her the happiest. As a nurse by trade, home decor and design is her creative outlet. Designing skoolies and seeing her vision come to life has been one of the most rewarding challenges yet for Bryant and Jennifer.

Meet Boone

Boone is a five year old Golden Retriever, and the “goodest boy ever”. Right alongside Bryant and Jennifer, he thrives off of being outside. He is always up for a trip in the bus, an adventurous hike, and a day swimming on the boat. Even on days we are not traveling, we often find Boone just relaxing on the bus, anticipating the next great adventure.

Meet Junior the Bus

Junior is a 2008 Chevy Express G3500. Purchased in July of 2020, countless hours of hard work and love have gone into making Junior our home away from home. Fully off grid, just a little bit of beautiful sunshine and fuel is all Bryant, Jennifer, and Boone need to carry them off to their next adventure.

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